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Our packages are typically dispatched within 2 business days following payment confirmation.

Shipments are made via UPS, and they come with tracking options. By default, deliveries are made without requiring a signature. However, if you prefer UPS Extra with a mandatory signature, please reach out to us in advance as additional charges may apply. Regardless of your shipment preference, we’ll provide you with a tracking link to monitor your package’s progress online.


Understanding Shipping Fees

Shipping fees include handling, packing, and postage expenses.

Handling fees are fixed, while transportation costs vary based on the overall weight of your shipment. We recommend consolidating your items into a single order to optimize shipping costs. Please note that separate orders cannot be combined, and shipping fees will be applied to each. Rest assured, we take special precautions to safeguard fragile items, and our packages are generously sized to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition.




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